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Michael S. Vernon Law

Law Firm Web Design

Michael S. Vernon Law found us through a previous client’s website. Michael was looking at a previous client’s site, he scrolled to the very bottom of the site to see who created the site and gave us a call!

Michael came to us with no web presence. We started from the ground zero. When we first spoke Michael said that he wanted a simple website that still looked professional. Shortly after our initial discussion we sent over a first draft and he said it was absolutely perfect. We made some minor changes to the draft and proceeded to push the site live.

Business Overview

Michael S. Vernon Attorney at Law, PLLC is a full service law firm primarily focused on the oil and natural gas industry. We help a variety of clients ranging from large exploration and production companies to individual mineral owners in all aspects of energy management. From drafting complex title opinions to estate planning and probate, we are licensed in Oklahoma, Texas and Colorado (pending) with over thirteen years of experience exclusive to the industry.

Website Maintenance & Hosting

Since 2019 we have partnered with Michael’s firm to boost their online marketing efforts. We oversee website hosting, backups, security risks and so much more! They originally hired us to design their website but soon realized we could do so much more to benefit their organization.