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United Electronic Recycling

Electronic Recycling Web Design

United Electronic Recycling was one of our first clients back in 2012 and we are proud to say that we still work together. They came to us with an outdated website and no CMS (content management system). We were able to take some of the content from the original site and transform it into a new WordPress website. This gave them easy access to make changes to their site as well as the option to have us maintain the site.

It has been an absolute joy watching their business grow as we implement online marketing strategies.

Business Overview

We want to keep recycling your electronics as easy and convenient for you as possible. We also want to keep pick up’s at the lowest possible cost to you and even when possible, free!! Call us in advance and we can get you on our pre-scheduled out route so that we can cut down on our logistics costs and that will offset the pick up fees.

Website Maintenance & Hosting

Since 2012 we have partnered with United Electronic Recycling to boost their online marketing efforts. We oversee email accounts, website hosting, backups, content updates, security risks and so much more! We work close with their team and communicate on a weekly basis. They originally hired us to design their website but soon realized we could do so much more to benefit their organization.